Alexandru Babeanu

Alexandru Babeanu is a post-doctoral researcher at the Rotterdam School of Management – Erasmus University. His research aims at exploiting data about consumers and products, with a particular focus on identifying subtle behavioral clusters within the population of consumers. This can provide valuable insights about consumer needs, which can be used for tailoring the available products (supply) to better meet these needs (demand), while potentially developing new (types of) products. Although the current focus is on digital media/entertainment consumption, his broader research interests extend to the identification of latent behavioral and ideological tendencies in other contexts. This goes hand in hand with developing new methods for detecting subtle groups in multivariate data, which may aid exploratory, data-driven scientific research in social science and beyond. Such methodological developments greatly benefit from creatively combining tools and concepts from data science, statistical physics, complexity and econometrics. This research line partly originates in the PhD that Alexandru completed at Leiden University in 2018. His work there, carried out within the Lorentz Institute for Theoretical Physics, focused on a complexity perspective of cultural structure and dynamics. His experience with computational methods, mathematical modelling and data analysis, together with the predisposition towards fundamental research and foundational questions can be traced back to earlier education and research in physics. Alexandru also spent some time working for an IT company focusing on web development and web security, which expanded his awareness of (and interest in) protocols and technologies for enhancing project management.