Guda van Noort

Guda van Noort is a Full Professor of Persuasion & New Media Technologies at the Amsterdam School of Communication Research, University of Amsterdam and the director of SWOCC. Her research is about the power of new media and technologies to change the cognitions, attitudes, convictions and behaviour of consumers and other media users. These technologies deploy data, including Big Data, and artificial intelligence to influence consumers (through algorithms), virtual and augmented reality, social media, mobile apps, and conversational agents. Van Noort’s chair deals with the uses and the effects of intentional attempts to persuade consumers through these new media and technologies, as well as the underlying communicative, psychological and social processes. 

Guda van Noort

She collaborates with researchers both inside and outside her discipline (e.g., Law, Marketing and Computer Science) and with private institutions. In the department she has a managerial role, she chairs the research group and the TQM committee, and takes part in several other committees. She (co)supervise(d) 8 PhD students in areas such as visual communication and machine vision, augmented reality, personalized communication and conversational agents. She is also an active contributor to the research community at large, by organizing events, and provided multiple invited lectures both for researchers and for communication professionals. She shares her expertise in award and advice committees, at events and conferences. in professional outlets and in the media. 

Her research received multiple grants and awards from academic (e.g., NWO, DFE, AAA, EAA, ICA), as well as from professional institutions (e.g., MSI) and her publication list consists of over 30 peer-reviewed publications in academic journals that are leading in the field of advertising, marketing and mediated communication. She is also an Honorary Research Associate at Tilburg center for Cognition and Communication, Department of Communication and Information Sciences, Tilburg University to stimulate collaborations between universities. In addition, in her role as the director of SWOCC she tries to connect science and practice in the domain of brands and communication 

This is a short academic employment sketch: 

2019 –  present            Full Professor in Persuasion & New Media Technologies, University                                    of Amsterdam, Amsterdam School of Communication Research ASCoR

2015- present             Director of SWOCC, the Foundation for Scientific Research in                                              Commercial  Communication in The Netherlands

2015 – present             Honory Research Associate at TiCC (Tilburg center for Cognition and                                  Communication), Department of Communication and Information                                                 Sciences, Tilburg University

2015 – 2018                 Associate Professor in Persuasive Communication, University of                                         Amsterdam, Amsterdam School of Communication Research ASCoR

2007 – 2015                 Assistant Professor in Persuasive Communication, University of                                          Amsterdam, Amsterdam School of Communication Research ASCoR

2003 – 2007                 Ph.D. candidate Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 
             Dissertation: Bricks versus Clicks: A self-regulation perspective on              consumer responses in online and conventional shopping                           environments

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